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Get the support you need to manage your IT operations.

DW Technology Services is the Raleigh, North Carolina’s area source for cost-efficient, reliable IT support solutions backed by comprehensive experience. Free yourself from the nagging responsibility of figuring out network issues and computer maintenance independently; instead, trust our professionals to streamline your operations with the right combination of services and proactive support under one managed plan.

IT Support in Raleigh, North Carolina

IT support plans can include a custom combination of the following solutions:

  • Help desk/service desk—The heart of who we are, our help desk is designed to improve operational productivity and efficiency. We interface directly with users to identify and resolve issues quickly and minimize potential for major incidents.
  • Network administration—These services keep your network current and operational and include everything from switch and server installation to cabling, configuration, management, and general device connectivity.
  • Internet and data security—We combine several enterprise-class strategies to block hackers and malware from accessing your private, sensitive information.
  • Remote monitoring—Every 15 minutes, our remote monitoring technology polls your hardware and software for problems that could impact computer and network performance, functionality, and security. We receive notification immediately if any metrics fall outside the norm and remediate the issue often before our customers even realize a problem existed.
  • Backup and disaster recovery—We can design and implement secure backup and recovery solutions that will protect your business data in the event of a disaster.
  • Network design & engineering—Our network engineers will proactively improve service quality and efficiency, and we are experienced with in-server virtualization both on premise and in the cloud.
  • Domain name registration—As part of our managed IT plans, we can maintain your corporate domain name registration records.
  • Microsoft Office 365—Hosting and management, mobile device applications, software license and compliancy, and more.

Benefit from ongoing IT support backed by experience under an umbrella of managed reliability. Contact us at DW Technology Services today for further information.


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