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Our best practices to ensure network security will help your business prevent outside intrusion and infection.

Network security is any activity meant to protect your network and data’s ongoing usability and integrity. Combining hardware and software technologies, an effective network security initiative manages access to the network while targeting any and all threats to keep them from entering and spreading on your network.

Network Security in Raleigh, North Carolina

There are several facets to network security, all of which are part of DW Technology Services’ best practices initiative that we implement for each of our customers. First, we install and manage an enterprise-class firewall that provides stateful packet analysis to prevent outside intrusion or virus infection from entering your private network.

Second, we install, manage, and monitor a U.S.-based antivirus and malware protection software for all devices within your company’s control. This two-tiered approach to blocking threats is the new standard for network security.

Third, our approach to educating our customers with knowledge on how to properly identify and delete phishing emails is paramount in supporting our end-users in the case that the firewall or antispam software fails to detect an email with malicious intent.

The influence, prevalence, and wide use of technology has completely transformed the business world here in Raleigh, North Carolina. If your organization wants to deliver services or products people will demand and desire, you need to protect your network. Our full-scale network security solutions help you protect sensitive, essential information from malicious attacks while safeguarding your reputation.

Make network security an integral part of your organization’s cybersecurity plan. Contact us at DW Technology Services to find out more about our approach and to schedule a consultation.